Other Resources

I have collected various articles that may or may not have any direct bearing on your project or on your 18-545 experience. None of this material is testable, except in the great examination of life. Enjoy, or not.

Lending library

These books are available in the lab. Please make sure I get them back.

Enhanced Debugging with Traces

This article argues that program traces can be invaluable debugging tools. As the author is a game emulator developer, he is correct for his field. From an emulator, you can generate traces pretty easily to compare with the emulator under development. You might wish to think about such a mechanism for your game console. You might find an open-source emulator that can be instrumented to generate the traces, which could be played against your verilog (in simulation), to look for bugs and to hunt them down.

Capstone Programming Courses Considered Harmful

I include this article to give you something to think about. What do you consider to be the strengths of this capstone course? Do you think it has been harmful? Does the authors points apply to 18-545?

Git for the Lazy

Yes, you should be using a version control system. Yes, it should be a distributed VCS. We are requiring you to use Git, though other such systems are good (see mecurial, for instance). Yes,, you do not want to spend hours setting up git right now (and you'd never actually get around to it anyway.) So, here, in a page or two, is the sum total of everything you need to get git running.

USB In a Nutshell

For those of you doing something with the USB standard that involves more than just instantiating some IP, look at this document for some help.